Local History Book “Rutherford Ramblings” In School Libraries

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Since WGNS strongly believes that local history is important for our students, copies of Greg Tucker’s new book Rutherford Ramblings were presented to Rutherford County Schools’ Director Don Odom. They will be placed in the school’s libraries.

Rutherford County’s Historian Greg Tucker retired from practicing international litigation in Washington and returned to his family’s home county to raise beef cattle, soy beans, enjoy his grandchildren as well as search for truth in folk tales. In fact, his discoveries have become a popular topic each week on WGNS’ Truman Show.

'Rutherford Ramblings', the latest book from our very own Greg Tucker.

‘Rutherford Ramblings’, the latest book from our very own Greg Tucker.

Tucker’s new book corrects the folklore version of William Lytle’s naming Murfreesboro. It brings to life visits by the Goat Man to our city. His book also tells the story behind the many homes of what is now the Linebaugh Library. Another interesting tidbit deals with the myth about the Human Fly who fell from the courthouse. He was not an “unknown” and buried in an unmarked grave at Evergreen. In fact, he was identified immediately as Ray Royce, claimed by his family and taken to the family plot in St. Louis for burial. Rutherford Ramblings is rich with stories that are made even clearer through pictures.

Where To Get Your Copy

Tucker’s book can be purchased in Murfreesboro at Hooper Supply (420 S. Front Street, beside Cannonsburgh Pioneer Village), Country Gourmet (107 E. Main St.), and Oaklands Historic House Museum (900 N. Maney Ave.); in Smyrna at Gill’s Ace Hardware (415 Nissan Dr.); or on-line from the Rutherford County Historical Society at www.rutherfordtnhistory.org (scroll to lower portion of their home page).

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