Locke’s School (Black) 1878-1965

The last Locke’s School, c1940-1965

LOCKE’S SCHOOL was built on land given by Charles Locke for a school and a church. It was on the south side of Spanntown Road just west of its intersection with the Almaville Road.

There have been several school buildings. At first the school was taught in the church. In 1919 a one-room frame building was erected in the church yard by J.D. Vaught. There was less than one-fourth acre of playground,
and water had to be carried from wet weather springs. When this school was destroyed by fire in September 1938, school was held temporarily in a small building called Society Hall. A concrete block school building was constructed on the original site in about 1940 by W.P.A. labor. A well was then dug on the school grounds. In 1952, electric lights were installed and in 1953, another classroom and a kitchen were added.

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