McFadden School, 1939-1972

McFADDEN SCHOOL 1939-fl. 1972 was erected on the same site as the previous two schools.

This building was erected along the same architectural plans as its predecessor but with improvements. There were sixteen classrooms, four of which were made from the space in the basement formerly occupied by the NYA project. Also in the basement was the cafeteria which consisted of a large kitchen, dining room, and two large pantries. On the main floor were classrooms, a principal’s office, and a combination gymnasium and auditorium with a capacity of five hundred but which seated one thousand when games were in progress. The library and reading room were in the rear of the gymnasium.

On the third floor were classrooms. In 1958, a new wing was added with eleven classrooms and a modern cafeteria.

Principals have been Homer Pittard, 1936-1946; James D. Brandon, 1946; Robert Jones, 1946-1949; Henry Adams, 1949-1953; Frank Fuson, 1953-1954; Fowler Todd, 1954-1955; Jesse Wiser, 1955-1963; Joe Messick, 1963-1966; W. H. Owen, 1966-1967; Don Johnson, 1967-

Ethel Dickens Edwards was on the first faculty and continued teaching until she retired from McFADDEN. Other teachers who have not been previously mentioned include: Louise Gattis, Effie Haynes Arendalº, Alta Northcutt, Mrs. A. L. Pickett, Katie Oliver, Marie. Couch Maples, Catherine Crockett, Mary Elizabeth Tolbert, Mrs. John Sallee, Mary Lou Davidson, Nannie Jackson, Lena Alsup, Lucille Britt, Ann Barrett Brandon, Louise McGinnis, Sara Bumpas Jerniqan, Sarah Gilbert, Mrs. Roberts, Ellen Mullins, Florence McFerrin, Mary Clark Sudaarth, Helena Sanders, Sara. Abernathy Margaret Todd, Margaret Gordon, Gloria Pitts, Olga Ellis, Leola Fouts, Dorothy Hoover, Ruth Baskin, Jean Marie Ayers, Rebecca Bennett, Adeline Frizzell,
Mary Jo Hugh, James Turney, Paul Dinkins, Robert Eaton, Judy Watts, Shirley Parsley, Amanda Nunley, Florence Sublett, Helena Alexander, Sara Smith, Gracilee Jones, and Jessie Mann.

McFADDEN has won many trophies in athletics. In 1945, both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams won the county championships and an invitational tournament. Unique among the sports accomplishments was that of Bobby Jones who was runnerup in a national marble shooting contest. Of prime
importance, however, in the history of the school has been the close cooperation of parents and teachers.

In 1972, when the seventh and eighth grade students were sent to CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, McFADDEN became a 1-6 grade school. In 1975 it was accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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