McLean’s School, 1878-?

McLEAN’S SCHOOL f1. 1878-? was 1/2 mile south of Midland on the west side of the road. The exact name of the school is not known but the 1878 Beers Map shows a school house across the road from the C. G. McLean residence. On January 6, 1896, C. G. McLean signed a deed for two acres to
Public School Directors William Morgan, John Williams, and Francis Harris for a school south of Midland. Midland or Middleton was first called McLean’s Mill.

John D. Snell is thought to have been teaching in that school when he died of fever in 1870.

Students who attended the school were William McLain or McLean, and William “Blue” Davis, who was the brother of Jim Davis.

SOURCES: Deed Book 31, p. 46. Interview, Sept. 24, 1982, with Eunice Williams Holden, b. 1889, who as a child lived just south of Midland. She died Jan. 8, 1985.

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