Milton School, 1934-1956

MILTON SCHOOL 1934-1956 was located on the north east corner of the intersection of State 96 and the North Milton Road. It was on the same property as had been the MILTON SEMINARY.

The red brick building was built for both elementary and secondary grades but was never used as a high school.

It contained four classrooms, only two of which were used, and an auditorium. One classroom became a lunchroom. The school was equipped with gas heat, lavatories, and drinking fountains. Patrons of the community built a gymnasium.

Among the teachers were: Grace DeLay, Lena TaylorAlsup, Miss Estes, Florence Sublett, Mrs. Sam Turney, Mable Jane Kelton, Ruby Dill Ristenedt.
When the school closed in 1956, the students were transferred to LASCASSAS SCHOOL.

The building stood empty until 1969 when William F. Green bought it and converted it into a white brick residence. The house has since changed hands but is still used as a home. The community-erected gymnasium, used as a skating-rink and recreation center, was torn down by the county. On December 14, 1963, the County School Commission deeded to C. H. Elrod and wife Louise B. “.54 acres on the eastern side of the old Milton School lot,

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