Morgan’s Chapel School, 1873-1882

MORGANS CHAPEL 1873-1882 was a subscription school held in the Morgan’s Chapel Methodist Church on the south side of Bradyville Pike. It was in the Dilton community. On September 15, 1873, Nace S. Overall signed a gift deed to B. M. Neal, Robert N. Ward, W. P. Henderson, John W. Overall, W. T. Overall, W. F. Overall, and N. S. Overall, Trustees of the M. E.
Episcopal Church South, for land for a church which was to be used also as a subscription school. The one acre included a cemetery. The building was designated as Morgan’s Chapel on the Beers Map of 1878.

As seen today, MORGAN’S CHAPEL was a clapboarded building having a high gabled front with two front doors. Two long windows were on each side.

Charles McNabb, the only known teacher, rode his horse from Burk’s Hollow ten miles away. His salary for a month was eight dollars.

Among his students were Elisha Monroe Harrell, Lorenzo Dow Harrell, Matilda Harrell, Minnie Overall, Tom Overall, an Ernest L. Smith, b. 1871. Later, Elisha M. Harrell preached many times at the church.

Water was drawn from a dug well with planks over it. On pleasant days all of the children would go to the well with Mr. McNabb.

The subscription school was replaced in 1882 when a public school called OAKLANDS ACADEMY was built. In 1986 the building is still standing.

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