Mrs. Ward’s School, 1878-1897

MRS. WARD’S SCHOOL 1878-c 1897 was a subscription school north of the Old Nashville Turnpike and west of the Florence Road on an unnamed country road no longer in existence.

On October 2, 1878, Richard W. Wade and wife Narcissa Neal Wade sold to Samuel Weakley, W. L. Davis, and N. J. Robertson, School Directors of District 6, land for a school.

The lot was bounded by the “Thurman Tract on the road leading to Ward’s Mill, West crossing road at Hazeiwood’s cut.” The names R. W. Wade and Ward’s Mill are on the 1878 Beers Map.

The road leading to the mill is now the Florence Road and the mill, Nice’s Mill.

Mrs. Hattie Ward was the teacher.

Texanna Seward Wade, b. December 31, 1860, was a student. Sally Jacobs Fields, who remembered the school as being between LONE OAK SCHOOL and Silver Springs and east of the old overhead bridge on the railroad, was in first grade when the schoolhouse burned.

On December 23, 1905, School Directors B. L. McCulloch, J. C. McAdoo, and C. H. Culbertson sold to Mrs. Charley Ward the same land purchased from R. W. Wade in 1878. Mrs. Charley Ward was a sister of R. W. Wade.

SOURCES: Deed Book 24, p. 13; Book 47, p. 53. Hoover, p. 274. *Richie Wade Ferguson, b. October 27, 1891, the daughter of Texanna Seward Wade, granddaughter of Richard W. Wade, and niece of Lizzie Wade who married
Charley Ward.

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