Mt. View School (Black), 1870-1918

MT. VIEW SCHOOL BLACK 1870-c1918 met in the old Mt. View Baptist Church on the northwest side of Rocky Fork Road and about two miles southwest of the old Nashville Turnpike. According to a history kept in the church, Clem Ross gave the land in 1870.

Teachers were Marie Bright, Cordelia Etta, and Vertress Woodson.

Family names of students included Long, Jenkins, Brown, and Hendren.

When the school closed in about 1918, the students went to RUCKER HILL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (black).

On September 13, 1968, Mt. View Baptist Church and Deacons Ernest Long, Frank Richardson, Edward Richardson, Joe T. Richardson, and G.W. Bass sold the property for an access road to the interstate. A new brick building
was erected nearby.

SOURCES: Deed Book 129, p. 194; Book 178, p. 403. *Queen E. Washington, granddaughter of Clem Ross. Interview, March 1, 1985, with William Peebles.

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