Murray School (Bradyville), 1952-1968

MURRAY SCHOOL 1952-1968 was located on the north side of Bradyville Pike about one-half mile west of the first site and near the location of the old DOUGLAS SCHOOL. On June 10, 1952, V. E. Haynes and wife Annie Cooper deeded the land to the Rutherford County School Commission.

The brick four-classroom building had a combination auditorium and gymnasium, a kitchen-dining room area, two bathrooms, and gas heat.

Some of the teachers in this building were Ray Donnell, Christine Harrell Donnell, Maude Robinson Chrisman, Kate Walkup, Mr. Cooper, and Charles Lee.

MURRAY SCHOOL closed after the term began in the fall of 1968.

The students were sent first to KITTRELL and then to the new JOHN PRICE BUCHANAN SCHOOL. The building was used for awhile as a community center but became a victim of vandals. It was sold at auction in September 1980 to Doris Davis and wife, Melanie, who bid $20,500 for the schoolhouse and five acres. In 1984 it was resold to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McCrary.

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