Mystery Marker Memorializes Rutherford Immigrants?

July 9, 2020, July/August Froe Chips, Rutherford County Historian Greg Tucker

Who were the immigrants and where in Rutherford County is this very substantial cast iron on natural stone marker?

This “Immigrant Trail” marker stands at the front corner of the residence at 4949 Woodbury Pike east of Murfreesboro. Placement was apparently negotiated with the property owner in 1932.

It is not clear who were the referenced “immigrants.” Eighteenth Century immigration into what became Rutherford County came by river or overland through the Cumberland Gap.

Prior to the founding of Murfreesborough in 1812, there was no road east from the Murfree Spring area to the Readyville community. Travel across the county passed through Jefferson at the mouth of the East Fork.

Construction of the Murfreesborough-to-Woodbury Turnpike was started in 1851.

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