Nolen School c1900-1923

NOLEN SCHOOL before 1900-c 1923 was on the Will Nolen farm on the east side of Compton Road and about two miles south of its intersection with the Lascassas Road.

Its site is marked on the Dixie Highway Map.

The one-room school was a weatherboarded building.

Teachers were Alice Craddock, Mrs. Hiram Bennett, Genoa Bowling, Mrs. Ed Pitts, Eddie Lewis, Maggie Kerr, Lora McHenry, Ernest Rions, Henry Todd, Rob McKnight, Essie Bell and Annabel Vaughter in 1922-1923.

A family of students from about 1900 until the close of the school was that of Mrs. George Benson Anna Taylor The students were Marie, Allie, Edgar, Rob, and Walter Taylor. M. B. Brandon, a student under Essie Bell became
Rutherford County Superintendent of Schools.

In later years it became a tradition for the girl students of the 1920’s to exchange Christmas cards.

When the school closed and the school wagon started taking students from the NOLEN SCHOOL to HALL’S HILL SCHOOL, the wagon was so full that the little students had to sit on the big students’ laps.

SOURCES: A paper written by *M. B. Brandon in the files of the Rutherford County Historical Society. *Mary Frances Hooper Brandon.

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