Oregon School, 1860-1900

OREGON SCHOOL 1860’s-1900 was a Wilson-Rutherford County line school with both teachers and students from the two counties. It was about two and one half miles east of the old Cainesville tollgate and on the old Rhodes farm later owned by R. L. Howard.

The schoolhouse was a log building.

Teachers were Quixana Allen Cook and Anna Hight Adams.

Among the students were those from the families of Rhodes, Craddock, Adams, Stephens, and Givens. An early student was E. S. Adams, b. 1857.

The OREGON SCHOOL was used both as a school and as a meeting house until it closed about 1900.

It was replaced by the GLORIANA SCHOOL which was built about three-fourths mile to the east. E. S. Adams furnished the land for the new school.

SOURCE: Hector Floyd Adams, son of E. S. Adams.

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