Patriot Grave Unmarked

June 18, 1972, The Daily News Journal, Rutherford County Archivist Henry G. Wray

The Bicentennial of the American Revolution is only four short years away. Many of the Patriots lie in unmarked graves in Rutherford County.

The Stones River Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution are anxious to locate and with a suitable marker pay belated homage to those we owe so much, our Heritage and our freedom.

Time being the essence for the completion of this project, anyone knowing locations of graves are urged to contact one of the following:

Mr. Hughey King, SAR State President
Mr. Ernest K. Johns, State Chairman of Graves and Landmarks
Mr. Robert Ragland, President of the Stones River Chapter
Mr. Ben Hall McFarlin, Vice President of the Stones River Chapter
Mr. William T. Walkup, Secretary of the Stones River Chapter
Mr. Steve Cates, Chapter Chairman Graves and Landmarks of the Stones River Chapter

The following lists do not profess to be complete or accurate listings and any corrections, alterations and additions are earnestly requested.

Locations of Graves known and marked:

Frederick Barfield
Captain William Batey
Thomas Bedford, Jr.
Samuel Burks
Benjamin Chapman
John Clay
William Donaldson
Ransom Dudley
James Espey
Lewis Grigg
Samuel Henderson
Samuel Killough
Col. Archibald Lytle
David McCoy
William McKelvey
Frank McKnight
Joseph Morton
Col. Quarles
John Sage
W.W. Searcy
Isaac Shelby
John T. Shelby
Robert Smith
Joel Toombs
John Wade
Captain Thomas Washington
Captain Robert Wilson
Samuel Wilson
Jordan Williford

Revolutionary Pensioners, 1818-1832, Possibly buried in Rutherford County:

George Askins
David Barton
James Beaty
John Beavert
Col. Ezekiel Alfred Blanch
James Bolin
George C. Booth
Samuel Bowman
George Brandon
John Brown
George Bruce
Michael Bryan
John Bullard
William Burnett (or Burrit)
Joseph Burrus
William Cain
Jacob Caulk
John Childress
John Clark
William Cocke
John Crisp
John Curlee
Boston Dailwood
Richard Duboise
Samuel Flemming
Joshua Ford
Hance Hamilton
Gideon Harrison
Lt. William Harrison
John Hedgeforth
James Herden
James Hunt
Peter Jennings (Colored)
Richard Jones
Richard Keele
Joseph Knox
Drury Lane
John M. Leake
William Leckie
Michael Lorance
Isaac Miller
James Moore
Daniel McCoy
John McHenry
Thomas Nevill
Joseph Newman
Nathaniel Overall
Timothy Parker
David Pearson
Thomas Peary
Bennett Phillips
James Ramsey
Richard Ransom
Moses Ridley
John Sack
Cornelius Sanders
James Saunders
Reuben Scott
Elijah Smith
Joshua Smith
William Smith
John Stone
John Tench
John Thompson
Benjamin Towler
Sylvanus Tucker
George Uselton
John Wade
John Warren
George West
Levi West
Stephen White
Willis Whitfield
David Williams
Levi Williams
Littleton Williamson
Robert Wilson
Samuel Wilson
Nathaniel Winston

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