Remembering Rutherford by Greg Tucker


Remembering Rutherford by Greg Tucker

(1 of 4 in the series)

From the remote hills and hollows to the parlors and attics of historic Main Street, from the clear memories of centenarians to the dark corners of the state archives come the true accounts in Remembering Rutherford.


Daily News Journal columnist Greg Tucker presents the history of Rutherford County, Tennessee, the state’s fastest-growing county, in a series of engaging and meticulously researched stories that will inform and amuse both long-time residents and newcomers. Biscuit tea, outhouse births, monkey wrenches, milk snakes, devil fences, whittlers, grave robbers, Boy Scouts, cattle drives, barnstormers, heroes and scoundrels they are all in this outstanding collection of local history and lore.


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