Rutherford for Real by Greg Tucker


Rutherford for Real by Greg Tucker

(2 of 4 in the series)

In this second volume of both anecdotal and documented history of Rutherford County, Tennessee, I have included  several essays which answer or resolve questions, or correct widely held misconceptions, about our local history.  The often misunderstood place names, “Mink  Slide” and “Cripple  Creek,” are explained; the actual Revolutionary War record of Griffith Rutherford is explored; and the fate of the MTSU “fallen veteran” of World War II is determined.  Also, in  this volume the tale of the snake living in the woman’s stomach is demythicized and reconciled with science, and the sinister activity of the Wardlaw sisters is exposed.  Additionally, we identify the motives behind relocation of the county seat and the location of what has become the largest university in Tennessee.


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