Quinn’s Chapel School (Black), 1941

QUINN’S CHAPEL SCHOOL BLACK – about 1941 was first located between the properties of Henry Roberts and Tony Manier on the east side of Morgan Road. Later it was moved about 3/4 of a mile north from Morgan Road to Patterson Road on land that had been owned by Frank Thomas.

When the last school was built, the road was called Windrow Road and the Post Office was Overall.

The one-room building had double doors on the south, a solid wall on the north, and two windows on the east and west. A flue near the middle of the building was for a wood heater. A stage was at the north end of the room. It was on this stage that students recited their lessons and wrote on the blackboard. For entertainments, a wire was sometimes strung in front of the stage and bed sheets were used as curtains which two students were assigned to open and close.

A hickory tree was near the front of the building. A small ball diamond was on the west side of the yard and a large diamond, on the east. Special areas were reserved for marbles and ring games.

Some of the teachers at QUINN’S CHAPEL SCHOOL were: Frances Thomas, Della Mae Jackson Pate, Agaitha Shelton, and Polly Smith, all deceased. Living in 1980 were Henrietta Grissom King, Annie Ruth Watkins Huddleston, Nannie George Smith Rucker, Lucille Randolph, Mrs. Tyler, and Cleora Washington. Jeanes supervisor was Mrs. Pecola Smith.

The school was closed about 1941. Mr. Robert Denton Walls purchased the property, probably from Rutherford County. Later Mr. Will Hill bought it. In 1980 a mobile home is on the site.

SOURCE: *Alice Cleora Washington.

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