RCHS Publication No. 11, 1978 (Summer)

Publication No. 11

This volume represents the second publication for 1978 and, following past practice, each member or family membership, receives a copy as a kind of “refund” for the Society membership duos. Thus, membership in the Rutherford County Historical Society must be regarded as one of the most compelling bargains found in any organization in the community.

The Society has lived a life of happy solvency since its founding a few years ago. This has been made possible through several lowkey projects which have generated revenue over and above that needed for certain community programs and necessary expenses. Too, the wise and efficient care of the Society funds is another important factor.

For this, the Society owes a great debt of gratitude to Dottie Matheny Patty. Under her close scrutiny, there is never a question at any time as to the status of the organization’s finances.

Publication Ho. 11 is another effort to record some of the community’s heritage, hopefully, for posterity. In doing so, the Society affirms one of the reasons for its founding.

The State Capitol 1819-1826 by Alice N. Ray
From Jefferson to Elkhorn Tavern – The Story of Ben McCulloch by Homer Pittard
Petition of Michael Lorance, Revolutionary Soldier furnished by Mrs. Peggy Herriage
A Country Store (1912-1914) by Jack R. Mankin
Soule College by Eugene Sloan

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Publication 11: State Capitol, Ben McCullough, Michael Lorance – Revolutionary War Pension, County Store, and Soule College.

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