RCHS Publication No. 10, 1978 (Winter)

Publication No. 10

The founding fathers and mothers of the Rutherford County Historical Society were motivated by one overriding desire: to create among Rutherford Countians – an interest in the heritage of their community. Of course there were important subsidiary reasons, the social factor not being the least. Many people in the community have been brought together with historical common interest being the vehicle. It should be said that the profit motive has been one of the least of the motivators.

However, the Society has experienced remarkable solvency during its existence. One of the most recent projects, the reprinting of Henderson’s Story of Murfreesboro is a case in point.

Publication costs were $4.25 per unit in addition to the inevitable exigencies of sales tax. The marketing price was
and is $5.00 per copy. Despite this, the magnanimity of Jesse C. Beasley, Jr., enabled the Society to distribute the rare volume with a minimal mark-up and, thus, to show a handsome profit. As a result, revenue has been generated from this and other ventures to finance additional projects and to improve the semi-annual publications.

The series of features that appear in this the tenth publication place historical subjects of community interest in a permanent binding for enjoyment now and in the future. Not enough can be said for the efforts of dedicated Ernie Johns in collecting and preparing for publication the materials that appear here and in those of the past. The Society owes him a deep debt of gratitude.

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