RCHS Publication No. 2, 1973 (Winter)

The Rutherford County Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the contributions made to Publication No. 2 by
the following:

Henry G. Wray, Rutherford County Archivist
Mary Hall, Retired-Unretired Middle Tennessee State University Professor
Mayor W. H. Westbrooks, City of Murfreesboro
Ben Hall McFarlin, Rutherford County Court Clerk
Ernie Johns, Past President of the Historical Society
Homer Pittard, Rutherford County Historian

Publication 2 Index – 1973 (Winter)

Rutherford County Marriage Records (1854-1856)
Bride Index (Alphabetically by Page Number)
Dr. Murfree Meets Champ Ferguson
Rutherford County Militia Commissions (1812-1820)
Occupation Mayor: The Honorable J. M. Tompkins
Memoirs of James M. Tompkins
Mayors of Murfreesboro
The Ku Klux Klan
The History of Kittrell
Members of Rutherford County Historical Society (As of November, 1973) 86

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Publication 2: Rutherford County Marriage Records (1854-1856), Bride Index (continued), Rutherford County Militia Commissions 1812-1820, Mayors of Murfreesboro and a History of the Kittrell Community. OUT OF PRINT

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