RCHS Publication No. 4, 1974 (Winter)

The Rutherford County Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the efforts of those who provided material for Publication No. 4.

These include: Henry G. Wray – County Archivist who spent countless hours in reading, copying, and arranging for publication the Rutherford County Census of 1810 .

Miss Mary Hall – For preserving in a historical format the story of Readyville, Tennessee. One must remember that the progeny of Charles Ready, later Readyville, was strongly considered as the site for the county seat in 1810. Incensed that his offer of his property was rebuffed, Ready refused to sign the petition and resolution confirming the choice of Captain William Lytle’s land. He resolved to develop Readyville into a strong rival of the new seat. However, the establishment of Cannon County in 1856 divided his land into two segments and his dream never quite materialized.

Publication 4 Index – 1974 (Winter)

History of Readyville by Miss Mary Hall
Artists Depict Battle of Stones River from Walter King Hoover’s Collection
Census of 1810 and List of Taxpayers not in Census prepared by Henry G. Wray
Members of the Rutherford County Historical Society (as of December 1, 1974)

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Publication 4: History of Readyville, Artists Depict Battle of Stones River, Census of 1810 and List of Taxpayers not in the Census.

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