RCHS Publication No. 6, 1976 (Winter)

From Sue Ragland (1976)

On December 17, 1970 the Rutherford County Historical Society was reorganized with eight people present. Since that time we have grown to over 150 members dedicated to preserving and publishing the history of Rutherford County for future generations to enjoy.

Our publications have been subscribed to by people across America and abroad.

With outstanding monthly programs the Society continues to grow. On our 10th anniversary, in 1980, we expect to be the largest and most progressive historical society in Tennessee.

Publication 6 Index – 1976 (Winter)

A History of Link Community by W. H. Westbrooks
History of Lavergne by Shirley Chaney
Historical Notes on Fellowship Church and Community by Christine Sanders Farrar
The Sanders Family of the Old First District of Rutherford County
Sutler’s Wagon
Rutherford County Historical Society Membership

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Publication 5: The Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad (1845-1872), Rutherford County Post Offices and Postmasters and the Rutherford Rifles. (Please add shipping of $5.00)

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