Salem School (Black)

SALEM SCHOOL BLACK 1940 was on the east side of Kimbro Road and about one mile south of the Salem Road.

The schoolhouse was a frame building with two rooms.

Among the teachers were Catherine Jackson, Ollie B. Officer, Lillian Hammons, and Willa Morton Kimbro Foster. Picola Smith taught sewing to the girls.

Family names of students were Hunter, Barnes, Knox, Jarrett, White, Johnson, Luster, North, Hickerson, Jackson, James.

Oftentimes when it rained, Willa Kimbro Foster had to carry the children across the creek. Sometimes the water rose so high that there was no access to the school.

When the building blew down in about 1940, the children were sent to DILLARD SCHOOL.

SOURCES: *Lillian Hammons. *Willa Morton Kimbro Foster.

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