Sanders School 1917-1919

SANDERS SCHOOL District 1, 1917-1919 was located in the Burnett Community near the Rutherford-Wilson County line. The school was near the old 1867 Corinth Church which was built on land given by Yank Tilford on Corinth Road.

SANDERS SCHOOL was a one-room building.

Rena Elrod and Callie Mai Coleman Lee were teachers.

Students came from the families of Burnett, John Sanders, Bodily, and Hartman.

In 1962 the building was destroyed by fire. In 1986 services are still held in the old Corinth Church.

SOURCES: Christine Sanders Farrar, “Historical Notes on Fellowship Church and Community” RCHS, Pub. no. 6, Winter 1976. Hoover, p. 275. *Louise Hilliard.

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