Sanders School (District 3), 1890-1910

SANDERS SCHOOL District 3 1890-1910 was some times called SNEED SCHOOL. It was located on the northeast side of the Murfreesboro-Nashville Turnpike at Hill Top. It was on Sanders’ property.

“Bud” Gregory, Tom Sanders, and Sam Hager built the one-room weatherboarded school.

Teachers were Maude Brown, Lillian Smith, and Mai Gregory, who taught her first class in 1896. She taught for five years.

On February 1, 1913 the Board of Education sold the SANDERS schoolhouse to the highest bidder. The property was bounded on the north, east, and west by S.T. Bracken and on the south by the Nashville-Murfreesboro Turnpike.

On February 22, 1913 the Rutherford County Board of Education deeded the school property to W.H. Gregory who had bought the one acre at public auction for $160.

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