Seed Tick School (Fosterville), Antebellum

SEED TICK before Civil War was located on the north side of Camp Ground Road about one-fourth mile west of its intersection with the Shelbyville Pike. It is on the Beers Map of 1878.

The property was later owned by Bob Edwards and Tom Cook.

The building was a one-room log house with puncheon floors. A side room was later added.

Teachers of the school were Miss Rucker Harris, Molly Hale, and a one-armed teacher, Betty Webb.

What remained of this old building was later used as a corn crib.

This was the first school known to have been built near old Fosterville. It was older than DRY FORK which was built in New Fosterville about 1866.
SOURCE: *Elvira Brothers, “Fosterville Schools” Typewritten. Elvira died June 15, 1985.

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