Skatecenter of Murfreesboro

Daily News Journal, March 31, 1989

Mid-State Roller Rink began operation in Rutherford County on April 1, 1955. It was located on Lascassas Hwy. (now the Old Lascassas Hwy.) in a 5,000 square foot building located at the intersection of Northfield Blvd and Old Lascassas Hwy.

One June 6, 1960, a new 9,000 square foot ‘modern’ facility was opened at 845 West College Street. In 1963, another Mid-State Roller Rink facility was opened in Columbia, Tennessee. In the fall of 1965 the partnership between ‘Jack’ Warren and ‘Smut’ Smotherman was dissolved. Mr. Smotherman and his wife Ruth became owners of the 12,000 square foot facility in Columbia, Tennessee while Mr. Warren and his wife Betty became the owners of the Murfreesboro Roller Rink. Both rinks continue to operate independently.

In 1976, construction began on a new building at the rear of the Roller Rink at 845 West College Street. This rink is 21,000 square feet incorporating all of the latest features of the skating industry. It opened on February 1, 1977. This facility has a new state-of-the-art step down skating surface incorporating 14,000 square feet of maple hardwood coated with Rink-Cote for griping ability.

The Hot Wheels Arena, once located at 730 South Tennessee Blvd., was purchased July 1, 1983 by Norman ‘Jack’ Warren and Betty Warren. The Mid-State Roller Rink name was changed to Skatecenter West plus the Hot Wheels Arena name was changed to Skatecenter South. They both operated under the combined name of Skatecenter of Murfreesboro. Skatecenter South was closed September 1, 1984 and remains closed at the present time (ed. March 31, 1989).

On January 1, 1987 a corporation was formed to operate Skatecenter West, Skatecenter of Murfreesboro, Inc. Doug Warren became the manager and operates the facility at the present time, assited by his father Norman ‘Jack’ Warren.

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