Spring Creek (aka Wilson Line) School 1880-1926

SPRING CREEK SCHOOL 1880-1926 was on the north side of Maddux Road which ran east off Lamar Road. It was about one-fourth mile east of Lannom Cemetery and near the head of Spring Creek. The school was on property owned by Simp Lannom. Bryant Flowers also owned property bordering the school. In 1900 the school was rebuilt at the Wilson County line but at that point on the west side of Maddux Road. This school property came from the Will Parker place.

The first school, sometimes called ‘SCROUGH OUT’ and LANNOM SCHOOL, was a one-room school of board and batten. The second school was a one-room clapboard building and was operated by both counties. It was also called WILSON LINE SCHOOL.

Among the teachers were Mary Knott, Howard Baskin, Barry Carter, Mattie Taylor, Mr. Evins, Perry Hunter, Rosie Lee Eades, 1924-1925, and Sophie Davis Lannom, 1925-1926.

Early students were Laura Lannom McPeak, b. Nov. 1, 1886, and her sisters Ella Lannom Lannom and Lucy Lannom Thorn. Twenty to thirty students attended the school.

Family names were Lannom, Bond, McPeak, Ferrell, Snow, Charlton, and Pearson.

When the second school burned, students went to school in the home of Ella Burns to finish the term. They were then transferred to ROCKDALE SCHOOL in District 1.

Elwyn Maddux owned the property of the first school when the government acquired it for Percy Priest Lake. Nelson McPeak now owns the property of the second school.

SOURCES: Christine Sanders Farrar, “Historical Notes on Fellowship Church and Community” RCHS, Pub, no. 6, Winter 1976. Interviews, July 17, 1984, with Nelson McPeak, b. 1910, student starting school in 1916; Aug. 7, 1984, with Erline McPeak Edwards, b. 1906, granddaughter of Simp Lannom, daughter of Laura Lannom McPeak, sister of Nelson, and a student starting in 1913–now a caretaker of Lannom Cemetery; Oct. 25, 1985, with Elwyn Maddux; Jan. 26, 1986, with Howard G. Eades, a student in 1924.

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