The Murfreesboro Boosters, 1929

Bill Jakes, Local Historian, August 14, 2018

This Lee Lively photo was taken on the northeast corner of the historic Rutherford County Courthouse in 1929.

They were local businessmen who traveled from area town to town “boosting’ Murfreesboro.  In earlier times ( 20s, 30s, 40s, etc,), Murfreesboro had stores that were not found in smaller towns all over the area.  We had fine department stores (Goldstein’s, The French Shoppe), automobile stores, doctors/dentists, a Firestone store, a Western Auto store, several jewelry stores, and on and on and on.  They had small gifts to give , often carried entertainment, and made a big splash to let these area folk know what we had to offer.

1927 Murfreesboro Boosters

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