Trimble School, 1893-1918

TRIMBLE SCHOOL 1893-c 1918 was on Trimble Road which runs north off Hall’s Hill Pike. The school was on the west side of the road and south of the Trimble Cemetery.

On July 29k, 1893, D. H. Sneed and wife M. E. Sneed deeded land to School Directors George C. Ralston, G. B. Hudson, and W. D. McKnight to erect a schoolhouse. When the school closed, the land was to revert to the grantor.

The name D. Sneed is shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

The one-room school was a frame building painted white. There was no front porch. A bell was fastened to the front gable of the roof.

Teachers included Mr. Holmes in the 1890’s, Earnest I. Rion, and Beulah Rowlette.

Family names of students were Burnett, Rion, Hudson, Todd, Sneed, Parker, Leyhew, Harvey, Ivie, Crawford, and Lorance. Fanny Sneed, b. 1879, attended the school with her brothers and sisters Sally, Ida, Ella, Walter, Claude, Will and Henry. Hazel McKnight Bennett, b. 1902, daughter of Fanny Sneed McKnight, attended the school her first year.

When the school closed in c 1918, the students were driven by wagon to HALL’S HILL SCHOOL.

The Rutherford Courier, March 24, 1957

On December 20, 1919, the Superintendent of Public Instruction signed a quitclaim for the school property to J. D. Todd, the owner of the land at that time.

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