Union Hill Academy, 1852-1890

UNION HILL ACADEMY 1852-1890 was on the east side of Elam Hill Road and the west side of Long Creek. The site was just before the convergence of Long Creek and Stones River Middle Branch. The school is shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

The three acres of land were deeded to the Trustees Henry Norman, R. D. McCullough, and J. L. Miller by R. D. McCullough, Henry Norman, and Pritchett Alexander. The deed was registered on July 17, 1852.

The Academy was to be open for the use of preaching on Saturdays and Sabbaths.

In his 1890 report to the state, James D. Nelson, county superintendent, said, “In the place of old UNION HILL we now have a high school of 115 pupils taught by John E. Dunn as principal.

The farm on which the school was located was later known as the Jakes place. Today the site is on the back of the property of Marie Couch Maples Smith.

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