Versailles School, 1850’s-1886

VERSAILLES SCHOOL 1850’s-l885 or 1886 was the first school known in the area. It was in the southeast corner of the Nance property where the Nance farm joins the Bill Williams-Willie Floyd Williams land. It was on the 10th District 1/2 mile east of Versailles on the north side of Versailles Road. The site is on the Beers Map of 1878. Also on the map is the name J. W. Nance.

The schoolhouse was of one room with puncheon floor and seats. There were no desks. The windows were openings closed by wooden shutters. A fireplace furnished the heat.

Known teachers were Francis Jackson III and Otho Nance born in 1866.

Kitty Virginia Jackson, born in 1852, was a student. She was made to pull the hem out of a dress which her brother Francis thought was too immodest.

Stress was placed upon the three R’s and a strict code of morals.

The school burned in the school year 1885-1886. The next day the school children walked to CONCORD SCHOOL.

SOURCE: R. Fred Nance and John W. Nance, comps., The Histoyof Versailles, the Tenth District and Its People RCHS, 1983

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