Willie McGowan Annual Banquet

Cynthia Jones, VIP Murfreesboro Magazine, May, 2017

Mary Watkins and Vonda Johnson

Bradley Academy hosted the annual Willie McGowan Banquet honoring those who have made a positive impact in Rutherford County.  The father of Bradley Academy Historical Association, Mr. Willie McGowan, fought to preserve the old Bradley Academy Structure.

The building now host artists such as Zavier Marable Ashley Buckham, and many local school children.  The old structure also serves as a cultural museum within the City of Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department and is open to public for tours, the Art Crawl as well as private events.

At this great occasion, guests lifted their voices and hearts to honor Ida Thomas, Barbara and Leroy Hodges, Mary Watkins and William Daniel for their contributions to Murfreesboro.

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