Windrow School, 1856-1901

WINDROW SCHOOL originally WINROW SCHOOL 1856 was on Red Hill Road which ran north of Windrow Road about half-way up Windrow Hill. The school was about 300 yards north of Windrow Road and about 50 yards west of Red Hill Road. The road has been slightly changed since the early school, stores, and homes were built in that area. The name Winrow came from John Winrow who settled there in 1812. The school property has also been owned by Dr. Reed, Dr. Smith, and Will Barnes.

The school was a one-room log building. An apple orchard was near by.

Herman Rhodes was a teacher. Students who attended were Willie N. Watson, father of Roy Watson; Betty, Genie, and Luther Watson; Dick, Johnnie, and Jim Windrow.

Roy Watson, b. 1901, tore down the log school and bought the logs and some rails, which he sold to the bucket factory in the early 1940’s. He paid Mr. Will Barnes for them with wire.

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