Wright’s Mill near Halls Hill Pike

J.N. Wright‘s Mill was located just off Halls Hill Pike behind the old Kerr‘s Grocery.  It collapsed in (c) 1978.  Note the dam constructed of timber.

From ‘Pictures and the Stories they Tell‘, the Rutherford County Historical Society.

Wright's Mill
Compliments of Denise Johnson

From Denise Johnson:

“I thought some of the more recent folks that have moved into the area would enjoy seeing what the Halls Hill Mill and dam used to look like on West Trimble Road. This picture was probably taken in the 60’s by my aunt. The mill was a favorite place to explore with us local country kids!

This was taken before the concrete bridge replaced the old steel bridge as back then you could drive all the way down to the river. Kids that grew up here walked, rode horses or bikes to swim in the river almost every day in the summer with practically no adult supervision 😁 and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

Freedom and safe times back then!

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