1954 Murfreesboro Community Concert Association

From the collection of Ernie Johns, November 9, 1954

The Murfreesboro Community Concert Association was organized March 11, 1931.

P.A. Lyon was elected as the first president with other officers including vice president J.A. Kirtley, Mrs, Clarence Bruner (also listed as Vice President), C.B. Bell as treasurer, and Mrs, john Osborne as secretary.

The Board of Directors included A.J. Brandon, Andrew L. Todd, Mrs, Frances Bohannon, Leiper Freeman, John Bagwell, J.C. Mitchell, Jesse Beesley, Jr., F.H. Garant, W.B. Carlton, H.C. Cranford, Mrs. J.L. McCoy, Mrs, Beulah Hughes, Homer Powell, Richard Stickney, H. Know Hutchinson and C.M. Cambron.

The local organization was part of a nationwide organization.

The organization ended June 5, 1970 due to declining membership and a lack of adequate facilities.

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