Fate Lamb Corner School, 1878-1888

FATE LAMB CORNER SCHOOL 1878-1888 was located at the second bend of the road 1/2 mile north of the Haynes graveyard on a corner of the Lamb farm where a road known as the Jeff Holden Cave Road led to the right. The site of the school and the names Lamb and J. Holden are given on the 1878
Beers Map. The school was the second school in the Link Community. It succeeded a log cabin behind the Old Leb Methodist Church.

Mr. W. H. Westbrooks described the school this way: “This little building was somewhat larger than the first but was utterly lacking in appeal since it was built of rough, unseasoned, mill-sawed lumber. The date of its erection must have been immediately after the war. I understand it was never painted but allowed to cure in the sunshine until it became warped and twisted all out of shape.”

John Westbrooks taught more than one session in the building and it is thought the building served the community until 1888. At that time it was replaced by OAK GROVE as the Public School System came into existence.

SOURCES: W. H. Westbrooks, “A History of the Link Community of Rutherford County, Tennessee” RCHS Publication no. 6, Winter 1976 . *Gene Sloan, “Oak Grove School Last One in Link,” The Daily News Journal Accent, July 17, 1977.

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