Agee’s Aggravators, 1969

October 21, 1969, The Daily News Journal

Jack Ferguson, Ronnie Miller, Randy Ward, Bret Elam, Joe Temple, Don Moser, Jeff Youree, Scott Haigler, Steve Avery, Jeff Tamborini, Jeff Jamison, Mike Parkinson, Darold Dunlap, John Balch, Terry Avery, Chris Bickford (not shown here), Lee Ann Hodge, Helen Lewis, Anne Lewis, Barbara Schoenberger, Sue Elam, Ava Florida, Lisa Tenpenny, Carol Pugh, Scott Marthaler, Mike Bickford, Terry Hodge, John Florida, Glen Pugh, Andy Smith, Coaches Bob Wissinger, Jim Avery and Bill Bickford.

Were YOU an Agee’s ‘Agrivator’?

Who remembers L.D. Agee? Mr. Agee was an icon of giving throughout Rutherford County.

Mr. Agee opened Agee’s Sporting Goods at 312 North Maple Street, present day Judicial Center (2020), moving to the Mercury Blvd. location in 1989.

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