Cainsville School, 1886-1941

CAINSVILLE SCHOOL before 1886-c 1941 was located on the west side of Cainsville Pike just over the Rutherford-Wilson County line. It was on the farm of Thomas Lillard Huddleston who gave the land for as long as there was a school. Both Wilson and Rutherford County students attended the school.

The one-room building was weatherboarded and painted white. There were two doors, one at the front and one at the side of the back. In the school yard was a large oak tree to which Elsie Knox, a teacher, hitched her horse and “no-top” buggy.

Two teachers, one in the front and one in the back, taught in the one-room school in 1892. Those teachers were Elsie Ivie and Tom Morgan from Texas.

Lockie Wilkinson taught in about 1916. Elsie Knox was teacher for five years including the year 1917-1918. During the fall of that year, the enrollment was so high that a sister, Dana Knox, assisted. Another teacher remembered at CAINSVILLE was Mildred Dement Smith.

When the school closed, the land reverted to Jerry P. Blankenship who had bought the land while the school was still in session.

SOURCES: Interview, June 6, 1984, with Clarence Preston Blankenship, b. 1886, son of J. P. Blankenship and a student at CAINSVILLE 1892-1894. Hector F. Adams. *Elsie Knox, b. 1893. *Cuma Lee Odom.

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