Other Schools in District 21

Cader Dement, Henry Kirby, and Benjamin Clayton signed a deed on October 18, 1839 to School Commissioners William D. Baird, John Stroop, Christopher Acklan, James Sanford, and James Rucker for a school. Cader Dement guaranteed for the school “free passage to and from the spring.” There is an H. Kerby on the 1878 Beers Map near Bushman’s Creek, south of the present Compton Road, and between the Lebanon and Lascassas Roads.

SOURCE: Deed Book X, p. 667.

GREENWOOD SCHOOL 1860- . John A. Hartwell and Catharin or C. E. Farmer deeded one acre on July 27, 1860, for a period of fifteen years, to Trustees Joseph Bowlin, J. B. or I. B. Sanders, James McCullough, Matthew
Pitts, B. Moore, E. J. Allen, and W. H. Wallace.

The school was not to be a public or free school. The land was bordered by James Tarpley and Warrin Moore.

SOURCE: Deed Book 11, p. 386.

CRIPPLE CREEK 1840- . Christopher Batey and John Stroop on October 5, 1840, deeded one acre and eighty poles to Common School Commissioners Joshua Coleman, James Rucker, and Jeremiah Kerby for a schoolhouse and
meeting house on Cripple Creek. The Cripple Creek Church and the Stroop Estate are shown on the 1878 Beers Map.

SOURCE: Deed Book 4, p. 215.

On June 14, 1873, C. T. L. Arbuckle signed a gift deed of one acre to school directors for a school for white children. There is a C. Arbuckle on the 1878 Beers Map between the Hall’s Hill and Woodbury Roads. He may have been the grantor.

SOURCE: Deed Book 19, p. 278.

The County Board of Education sold to Andrew Daniels and wife Frances, colored, one acre of land on March 18, 1919. The land was bounded by Daniels, John Nipper, and on the east by a country road.

SOURCE: Deed Book 61, p. 373.

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