Christiana or Jordan’s Valley School

CHRISTIANA or JORDAN’S VALLEY SCHOOL 1850’s was in the center of the village about where the present post office now stands. It was built soon after the N.C. & St. L. railroad was run through in 1849 and before HARD START SCHOOL was built in about 1872.

The school was a one-room log cabin. The seats were logs split open with the smooth side up. Hickory sticks inserted into holes served as legs.
At this time there were no churches. Religious services were held in the school. The only buildings at this time other than the school were two stores, a liquor store, and a post office named “Jordan’s Valley.”

SOURCE: Emmaline Miller, “History of Christiana,” term paper, Middle Tennessee State 1939. She received this information from Mr. Will Beasley and Mrs. Alice Suggs.

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