Douglas School, (Bradyville) 1878-1920

DOUGLAS SCHOOL fl. 1878-c 1920 was on the north side of the Bradyville Pike just east of its intersection with McKnight Road. The site is on the Beers Map of 1878. James Douglas gave the land and the building for the school.

The frame building was weatherboarded and painted white. Wood shingles were used on the roof.

Among the teachers were Mrs. Tennie Lowe in 1896, Jim Lowe in 1910, Will Newman, Herrod McNabb, Elizabeth Hall Barker, Lacey Elrod, Emma McKnight in 1910, Bessie Puckett, Bud Lowe, Abbie Floyd, Mattie Puckett, Vera McFarlin, Edna McFarlin.

Nick Lowe, b. Jan. 28, 1872, and James Lee Harney, b. October 20, 1882, were early students.

When the school closed, the land reverted to the Welchance family. The farm was sold in 1920.

Students went to MURRAY SCHOOL.

SOURCES: *Mrs. Mattie Lowe Hall McFarlin, “Donnell’s Chapel, Dilton, and Bynurn’s Hollow” in files of Rutherford County Historical Society. Interviews, Dec. 10, 1983, with Frank Lowe, b. 1901, d. Dec. 27, 1983. H.e was the son of Seemus Lowe and drove a school bus; Feb. 6, 1984, with Mattie Wilson Gum, b. Sept. 19, 1898, a student from grade 4- ; May 18, 1985, with Alline Taylor Weichance, whose husband, Horace Weichance, was the grandson of James Douglas; June 21, 1985, with Sue Belle Harney McCrary, daughter of James Lee Harney. *Maggie Lowe, daughter of *Jim Lowe, teacher. *Sara Murray, daughter of Tom Murray, student.

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