East End Grammar School, 1921-1929

EAST END GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1921 – January, 1929 was housed in the old MOONEY School Building on the south side of East Main Street in Murfreesboro. On March 23, 1920, J. H. Reed and wife Sarah H. had sold to the county the MOONEY SCHOOL property which the Rutherford County Board or Education needed to consolidate several small schools in the 13th District. Both city and county children were enrolled.

The old building was extensively repaired and remodeled. The white columns were removed; a large auditorium suitable for school activities and entertainments was added. The building was heated by steam. A grandstand was erected on Kerr Athletic Field, named after B. B. Kerr, chairman of the Board of Education. Both CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL on Maple Street and EAST END used the field. The dormitories of the old
STATE as dormitory residences for men.

Besides the regular subjects required for grades 1-8, training was offered in Public School music, piano, and china painting. Each grade was in charge of a teacher having two years of college education. In 1923, there were 24 graduates from the eighth grade.

Among the teachers remembered were Mr. J. E. Brandon, principal, Mrs. Drew Blalock, Clyde Richards, Elizabeth Brigham, Martha Wade Neeley, Catherine Johnston, Pauline Warkman, Madge Manson, Sarah Parker, Lura Williamson, Mary Lyon Jones, Eulalia Carnahan, Marguerite Harrison, and Mattie Belle Patton.

In the fall of 1928, EAST END became the practice school for the college until the school could be moved to the new TRAINING SCHOOL building on Lytle Street in January 1929.

When the McFADDEN school burned in the spring of 1932, McFADDEN used the old EAST END building for the spring of 1932 and the term 1932-1933.

The building was torn down during 1933-1934, but the sidewalk can still be seen.

In May 1941, the Rutherford County Board of Education sold lots from the Kerr Athletic Field to Frank Stephens and wife Annie M.; C. L. Coston; Walter E. Beasley; T. J. Dement and wife Cora H James Robert Forsythe and wife J. Moore King; Edwin Ayers; John D. Reeves; B. B. Kerr; Frank Martin; G. B. Sawyer; and Cecil Elrod, Sr. The dormitories are now private residences at 1024 and 1028 East Main Street.

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