Halls School (Black), ? – 1949

HALLS SCHOOL BLACK -1949 , was in District 7 and then in District 13 on the west side of Gresham Lane, and about three-fourths mile north of the Franklin Road. The school was on land originally bought by Flemmon Hall on December 15, 1877 from the heirs of John Henderson. In recent years it was owned by Joe Pope.

The school house was a one-room frame building.

Teachers were Mrs. Mattie Bracey, Mr. R. T. Butler, and Mrs. Jessie B. Scott. Mrs. Arena Tillage, 1941-1949, was the last teacher.

Family names of students included Vaughter, Clark, Tillage, Sneed, Haynes, Johnson, Harris, Nelson, Batey, and Malone.

When the school was closed, the pupils were transferred to LOCKES SCHOOL BLACK.

The land was returned to the Pope family. In 1986 there is a house trailer on the lot.

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