Plaque Placed On New Rutherford County Parking Garage

WGNS Radio, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, October 2, 2017

This is the Judicial Building Parking Garage (Walnut Street side). The historical marker is at the door where the light is located.

Last Friday (9/29/2017) a special historical marker was placed on the new Rutherford County parking garage built to accommodate the new Judicial Center.  County Historian Greg Tucker noted this was to document the historical significance that piece of land has had on Murfreesboro.

Tucker noted that this marker is different from those that have created controversy.

The four-level parking garage is now open to the public, and there are no parking fees.  The parking structure is part of the 73-million dollar Judicial building complex.

County Mayor Ernest Burgess tells NewsRadio WGNS that building is still on schedule for a May 1st, 2018 opening.

Opening Celebration Set May 14, 2018

The new Judicial Building is 215,000 square feet in size.  Once complete it will hold 16 separate courtrooms, but in the beginning, all 16 will not be utilized.  Reports indicate that 16 could be used in the future as our county continues to grow.

The new Judicial Center also keeps the general public completely separate from inmates who enter the building through a secure parking garage designed to allow police cars to enter and then close a garage door behind them.  Judges will also be able to walk separate hallways to each courtroom away from people who may have been convicted in their courts in the past.

Steve Johnson with Gresham Smith and Partners was told in the beginning that security was a top concern for the new building.  His expertise in the design is well stated as the building nears completion.

NewsRadio WGNS will keep you informed on the progress at the new Rutherford County Judicial Center, as well as finishing touches on the roadway, sidewalks and the new roundabout that will create a beautiful new entrance into Murfreesboro’s historic business district.  Again, the opening ceremony for the complex has been set for May 14, 2018.

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