Mt. Moriah School (Black) 1936

MT. MORIAH SCHOOL BLACK -1936 was on the west side of the present Plainview Road between Epps Mill Road and Sledge Road. MT. MORIAH, because of its location, was sometimes referred to as PLAINVIEW BLACK.

The school was a one-room frame building for grades 1-8. Teachers included Viola Mack Batts, Emma Lee Halliburton, a Bowling, and Susie Mack Rucker, 1934-1936, who was the last teacher.

Family names of students were Minter, Butler, Osborne, Alsup, Halliburton, Garner, Smotherman, Zachray, Haynes, Floyd, and McHenry.

When the school closed, students were sent to CHRISTIANA. MT. MORIAH SCHOOL succeeded a school held in an old building north of Epps Mill Road near the junction of Plainview Road. A gate is now across the road that led to the school. John Howland was the teacher.

SOURCES: Interview, October 2, 1982, with Olivia Stovall Minter. *Susie Mack Rucker, sister of Viola Batts.

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