Burnt Hill School (Black), late 1800’s

BURNT HILL SCHOOL BLACK late 1800’s was one mile west of Eagleville and in the woods north of what is now Allisona. It was named BURNT HILL because the grounds had to be burned and cleared. That property in the 8th District was owned by Mr. Chesley Williams, “a wealthy white citizen.”

On the 1878 Beers Map there is a C.W. in that area.

The land and building were deeded to Deacons John Williams, Dudley Johnson, John Owen, Harrison McDowell and their successors as long as there was a school and a church.

The building burned a few years afterwards. The home of Chesley Williams is still standing and has been restored.

SOURCES: *Minnie Fairfield Dyer, History of Eagleville Dyer, 1972 . Interview, June 19, 1985, with Pearl Tucker, b. March 17, 1892.

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