Windrow School, late 1930’s-1940

WINDROW SCHOOL late 1930’s-1940 replaced the 1913 school which was torn down.

The Lesters were carpenters for the new school. It had two rooms, one a very large room and the other a “cook” room. There were, in addition, two large cloak rooms. It was ceiled inside and had a pot-bellied stove for heat. The building was weatherboarded and painted white.

Teachers were Charlie Tolbert and Owen Scott.

When WINDROW SCHOOL closed, students were sent to ROCKVALE or to Murfreesboro. Mr. Owen Scott went to ROCKVALE.

Mr. Paul Parker Windrow, Sr., bought the building which was resold several times. Mr. Will Parsley finally bought the schoolhouse and moved it to Barfield where it was used as a home.

SOURCES: Deed Book 55, p. 633; Book 8, p. 423. Robert W. Baskin, History of Blackman-Salem-Windrow Communities 1973. Typewritten. – Interviews, July 15, 1984, with Roy Watson, b. 1901, Byars Windrow was his grandmother’s father; April 1983, with Robert W. Baskin, who was a student about 1921; August 7, 1985, with Paul Parker Windrow, Jr., who finished
seventh grade at WINDROW and then went to ROCKVALE. He is a descendant of John Winrow; August 8, 1985, with Mrs. W. L. Leathers, who cooked on the top of a heater the food which children brought to the last school.

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