Northcott School, 1879-1885

NORTHCOTT SCHOOL f 1. 1879-fl. 1885 was in District 22 about three-fourths of a mile east of Brown’s Mill on the east side of the Northcott farm. The ground was probably given by the elder James Northcott. The names
J. Northcott and S. Kerr are on the 1878 Beers Map.

The one-room building was about 18 by 20 feet. Both work and lumber were donated by patrons. Cedar slabs, with holes bored in the ends for the insertion of legs, and provided were two water buckets and dippers.

Teachers from 1879 to 1885 were Mollie Martin, who rode horseback to school and brought a niece, Anna Martin, behind her; John Goodloe; Press Jones, who sometimes rode a stallion; John Overall; Eva Adams; and Amanda Dill, who walked about a mile morning and evening.

Students during the same period of time were Mollie and Willie Anderson; Kate, Walter, and Liffel Brown; Willie Vashie, Print, and Herbert Brown; Ode, Maney, Jesse, and Andrew Helton; Ida and Nettle Lance; Anderson Pitts; Ella, Harry, Tom, Joe, Jim, and Willie McHenry.

Susan, Bettie, Eliza, Sally, Will, Lewis, and Rob Hopkins; Lottie Ora, Tom, Will, and Joe Swink; Evie, Mozella, Abbie, Mary, and Rush Adams; Mary, Tom, and Taylor Haynes; Anna, Maude, and Jim Dill; Fanny and Charley Bell.

Minta, Jimmie, Callie, Andrew, and Ed Johnson; Ethel, Sally, and Sam Kerr; Mat, Lula, Lizzie, Linda, and Jim Northcott; Addie, Lutie, Jim, and Clayton Freeman; Mag Eatherly; Andrew Gannon; Sally Sneed; Ella, Wilson, and
Paul Kerr.

Belle, Tom, and Anderson Sullivan; John Ed and Birdie Wright; Mat, Lou, Minos, and John Floyd; Lena and Elbert Hutchison; Addie and Grundy Kerr; Mag and Jake Kerr; Lura, Tom, and Charley Dill. SOURCE: S. W. Kerr, “History of Old Northcott School Penned by ‘Grad,’” The Daily News Journal, date unknown.

The clipping was furnished by *Ethel Edwards, now deceased.

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