Overall School (Black) School, 1920-c1936

OVERALL SCHOOL BLACK f 1. 1920’s-c 1936 was east of Lofton. It was about one and one-half miles south of State Road 96 on the east side of Craddock Road.

The schoolhouse was a one-room building which was used also by the Colored Overall Methodist Church.

Known teachers were Odessa Gray, Mariah Douglas in 1930-1931, Lydia Jackson Glanton, 1931-1932; and Lucille Randolph 1932-1933.

Ages of students ranged from five to sixteen years of age. The children came from the neighborhood families of Crawford, Richardson, Tigg, Rucker, Odom, Watkins, of Jim and Martha Greer, and of Ola Bell Jackson.

Lydia Jackson Glanton’s first experience as a teacher was at OVERALL. A young girl, weighing one hundred pounds, she suddenly faced boys who towered above her. Frightened, she realized that her nose was bleeding.

Everyone was so solicitous of her that she had only pleasant
memories of her first year of teaching.

Many of the older boys were absent from school during busy seasons on the farms. Lydia visited the homes during the evenings and helped the boys with the school work they had missed.

When the school closed because of a decrease in enrollment, the children went to LASCASSAS SCHOOL BLACK.

SOURCES: Interview, Jan. 29, 1986, with Joe McAdoo, a student. *Lydia Jackson Glanton. *Emily Dill Florida.

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