Valley View School, 1918-1939

VALLEY VIEW SCHOOL 1918-1939 was on the north side of Valley View Road just east of the intersection of that road and Dunnaway Chapel Road. The school was built to accommodate both the first VALLEY VIEW SCHOOL, frequently called McKEE SCHOOL, and the ROCKDALE SCHOOL.

On July 18, 1917, Albert M. Alsup and wife Mintie signed a deed selling two acres of land to the Rutherford County Board of Education for the consolidated school.

When no longer used for a school, the land was to revert to A. M. Alsup. The house and furniture would be the property of the Board.

The schoolhouse was a weatherboarded building with two rooms, side by side, and with a porch on the front.

Grades 1-8 were taught.

Some of the teachers were Rena Elrod Mankin, Nannie Lee McGrew Kelton, Era Morgan Phillips, Clara Elliott Vaughn, Frank Bowers, Elvis Brandon, Susie Bowling Elrod, Mary Owen, Linnie Heath, Alma Short Alsup, Mrs. Arnette, Katherine Jordan Brandon, Allie Bennett, Lillian Estes, Sara Bell McDonald, Lucille McDonald, Lucille Patterson McKee, and Bessie Lou Harris Barrett.

When VALLEY VIEW SCHOOL closed in 1939, it was used as a home by J. W. Jordan, Sr., and his wife Ollie Mae Alsup, who was the daughter of Albert. The house burned in 1972.

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Jordan, the wife of J. W. Jordan, Jr. Floyd Adams.

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